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23 January 2013

Will Small Data be the new Big Data?

By Tom Robinson, David Lancefield and Carlo Gagliardi Follow @DLancefield Data is a vital resource in the new digital economy. But at present, the private sector is a largely closed data environment. A consumer’s personal data (their ‘small data’) is either stored offline, separated into digital silos or managed by...

17 January 2013

Making decisions that will boost growth

By Nick Forrest, Mark Ambler and Tom Robinson In the current weak economic environment, understanding the broader economic impact of key decisions is vital for businesses, governments and regulators. Policy-makers are looking to take decisions which will boost economic growth and have a positive economic impact. So when they are...

20 November 2012

Inflation hits richest and poorest hardest

By Tom Robinson, PwC Economist, and John Hawksworth, Chief Economist Media attention focuses on the headline inflation rate, which rose by a surprisingly large amount from 2.2% in September to 2.7% in October. But it is also interesting to ask how this inflation rate varies across households in different income...