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19 January 2016

Global stock market turmoil should not derail the UK economic recovery

By John Hawksworth Global stock markets have had a rocky start to 2016, reflecting concerns about the slowdown in China and weakness in global commodity markets. But how serious a threat is this to the UK economic recovery? Clearly there will be some losers from these global developments, including both... Read more

15 December 2015

Price Discrimination and Cross subsidies in banking – should regulators be interested?

By George Hall and Carson Xu This year’s penultimate Beesley Lecture considered price discrimination and cross subsidisation in retail banking. Should regulators be concerned with such pricing practices? If so, what should they do to address the potential issues these practices can cause? The speakers – Peter Andrews (Chief Economist... Read more

08 December 2015

Robots – economic curse or blessing?

By John Hawksworth A great deal of debate has flared up in recent years around whether the rise of intelligent robots will be of huge benefit to society in terms of increased productivity, or a huge threat to the jobs and earnings of large swathes of the workforce (putting aside... Read more

27 November 2015

Favourable borrowing forecasts gave Chancellor some wiggle room

By John Hawksworth Lower than expected public borrowing forecasts allowed the Chancellor to cancel planned cuts to tax credits next year while boosting spending on transport infrastructure and housing. But he has also pencilled in around £5 billion of extra net tax rises by 2020 to help achieve his target... Read more

20 November 2015

Dealing with the deficit – how is the Chancellor doing?

By John Hawksworth Today's public finance data were somewhat disappointing for the Chancellor, with public sector net borrowing – the ‘budget deficit’ – being higher in October 2015 than in October 2014. Monthly data can be volatile, but the cumulative public borrowing total for the first seven months of the... Read more

18 November 2015

Digital Disruptors: A game changer for regulation and competition policy?

By Carson Xu What can regulators and competition authorities learn about disruptive innovation by thinking about taxis, hotels and dirty laundry? This fascinating question was explored at a recent Beesley Lecture by speakers, John Fingleton (CEO of Fingleton Associates) and Phil Evans (panel member at the Competition and Markets Authority).... Read more

16 November 2015

How much should we worry about global growth?

By Andrew Sentance How worried should we be about disappointing growth in the global economy? The OECD has become the latest organisation to express its concerns and downgrade its forecasts for next year. This follows on from a cut in the IMF world growth forecast last month and comments from... Read more

11 November 2015

UK recovery continues but longer term export challenge remains

By John Hawksworth The UK economy grew relatively strongly in 2014, but it has slowed a little in 2015 as global uncertainties have increased. Although the headwinds from the Greek crisis have calmed down somewhat since our last report in July, this has been offset by growing concerns about a... Read more

09 November 2015

The risks of keeping interest rates so low

By Andrew Sentance Last week’s Inflation Report press conference saw the Bank of England shifting its position on interest rate rises again. Over the summer, Mark Carney stated that the decision to raise rates would be actively considered by the MPC “around the turn of the year”. It now appears... Read more

21 October 2015

PwC’s new Young Workers Index - 5 things you need to know

By David Tran and John Hawksworth In the UK, young people are nearly three times more likely to be unemployed than the rest of the population. And this is worse than for many other countries. So, why is this the case - and what can be done to improve it?... Read more

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