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01 April 2014

Pay and productivity – an economic perspective

By John Hawksworth The UK economy is recovering, but so far pay and productivity have been the two key missing pieces in the jigsaw. How do they fit together and when might they also mount a strong recovery? Economic theory suggests that pay and productivity are closely linked, since if... Read more

25 March 2014

Is there a house price bubble in the UK?

By William Zimmern & Tom Fisher UK House prices hit £250,000 on average at the end of 2013 according to the latest figures from the ONS, and the average London home would set you back £200,000 more on top of this. In nominal terms UK house prices have now climbed... Read more

20 March 2014

The 2014 Budget – as “good as it gets” for now

By Andrew Sentance, Senior Economic Adviser, PwC 2014 may be “as good as it gets” for the growth of the British economy, according to the latest OBR forecasts released in yesterday’s Budget. GDP growth is projected to be 2.7% this year, but is then expected to be around 2.5% over... Read more

11 March 2014

UK economy – is the Big Squeeze nearly over?

By John Hawksworth Our latest UK Economic Outlook report suggests that we are now firmly on the road to recovery. Growth picked up from 0.3% in 2012 to 1.8% in 2013 and our analysis suggests that this should rise further to around 2.6% this year - although it might then... Read more

03 March 2014

Women in Work – UK still lags in PwC rankings

By Yong Jing Teow We’ve just published the second annual update of PwC’s Women in Work Index. So what are the key findings? The UK has made some progress in narrowing the gender wage gap and increasing female labour participation, but still lags behind many OECD countries when it comes... Read more

06 February 2014

Who will be the winners and losers at Sochi?

By Dan Broadfield and William Zimmern The 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics get underway this weekend. Who will be the winners and losers? Following our medal tally predictions for the 2012 Summer Olympic medals, we have estimated the number of medals we believe each country might win at Sochi 2014. For... Read more

05 February 2014

New PwC ESCAPE Index – 5 striking findings

By John Hawksworth We have today launched our new ESCAPE index. This provides a holistic assessment of socio-economic progress between 2000 and 2012 for 42 of the largest advanced and emerging economies, together accounting for around 85% of world GDP. Full details of the index results are available from our... Read more

29 January 2014

Respectable growth in the New Normal

By Andrew Sentance, Senior Economic Adviser, PwC UK economic growth is looking up. The 0.7% GDP increase in Q4 might not have been as strong as some commentators were expecting. But it means economic activity is 2.8% up on a year ago. That’s still not as strong as the 3.3%... Read more

27 January 2014

A PwC Economics and policy view on the world in 2014

By David Lancefield and Yin Lin Teh Economics and policy issues can help shape the fortunes of organisations in the private and public sector, in the UK and overseas, large and small. We’ve focused our predictions on five over-arching themes and hope they provide some stimulus, and challenge, when thinking... Read more

22 January 2014

UK economic recovery – as good as it gets?

By Andrew Sentance, Senior Economic Adviser, PwC In 2013, the performance of the British economy took most economic commentators by surprise. Last spring, the consensus forecast for 2013 UK growth was just 0.8% - which would have made it a third consecutive year of growth around 1% or below. Next... Read more

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