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August 06, 2018

Deal value mindset: Priming your organisation to make the most of digital capability acquisitions

Sarah Moore, Deals People Partner and Natalie Nash, Director, look at the role of acquisitions in bringing in creative talent and innovative technological capabilities to keep up in disrupted marketplaces. Is the value potential always realised? Why is value lost? Is it a lack of organisational understanding, or an unwillingness to make shifts in mindset, operations and talent management?

June 27, 2018

Solving the cost conundrum: Saving without compromising service

PwC analysis shows that European banks would typically need to drive down costs by at least 30% to bring them back to economic breakeven (return on equity above cost of equity). Yet, conventional wisdom says that savings on this scale can’t be achieved without harming service and diminishing funds for investment in growth. Is this still the case? Could there now be a win-win solution capable of saving while bolstering service quality and competitive capabilities?

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