New podcast series: "The New Realities of Cyber Security"

08 May 2017

Welcome to the New Realities of Cyber Security podcast series. In this series, we’ll be looking at the key challenges and opportunities faced by businesses in the rapidly evolving area of cyber security. From digital crime scene forensics to the General Data Protection Regulation, this series covers topical issues that matter.

The cyber security universe is a dynamic, often changing place in constant flux.

From the Big Bang moment of Robert Morris creating the first computer worm in 1989, to the looming General Data Protection Regulation which will change the way data is handled globally. Cyber professionals have to move at light speed to keep up with the threats, challenges and issues they face every day.

I have spent 4 years at PwC, where we’re at the cutting edge of cyber security. We work with our clients to monitor any potential risk and threats, help build organisations cyber resilience and provide expertise if the worst has happened. I have been around since our data protection team of legal experts was formed too and really look forward to the path we are taking in the future.

However, it cannot be overstated how large this cyber universe is and how complex in scope. This podcast series has two real goals in mind:

1)     To give those who work in the cyber universe the opportunity to listen to experts in their fields and like minded professionals answer some of the relevant hot topics we see today

2)     Provide an avenue for those interested in cyber security to learn through engaging and organic conversations.

I am passionate about cyber security and equally passionate about the great people I work with, who surprise me on a daily basis with some of the fascinating challenges they are trying to overcome, and some of the threats that lie on the horizon.

In episode 1 I’m joined by Jane Wainwright, who is a director specialising in privacy and data protection at PwC, to discuss the General Data Protection Regulation and how different organisations are preparing for it. This will come into effect in May 2018 and is the largest data protection change in a generation.

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I hope you enjoy the series. I’d welcome any comments, suggestions or reviews of our series. Please do get in touch with me on Twitter Follow @IanTodd86 or email me directly.

Thanks for subscribing and listening!

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