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06 July 2018

Open Banking cyber security - staying secure in an open world

This is the first in a series of short blogs by Michael Roberts that sets out some of the security challenges that banks should be aware of when they consider Open Banking.

05 July 2018

Signal the ATT&CK: Part 2

Using orchestration and automation to enhance EDR capabilities, and to reduce ‘alert fatigue’ By Paul Bottomley, Endpoint Threat Detection and Response Lead, and Wietze Beukema, Endpoint Threat Detection and Response Analyst Earlier this year, we released part 1 of our ‘Signal the ATT&CK’ article, where we presented how we are...

18 June 2018

Resilient Rail

By Rebecca Taylor, Cyber Security at PwC The UK’s Rail system is in urgent need of increased capacity and efficiency to support an estimated one billion extra journeys to be made by Britons by 2030. Whilst updates and improvements to the physical rail infrastructure continue, a technological solution is being...

Don’t leave it to the last defender to tackle threats - cyber security and football clubs

By James Hampshire, Cyber Security A (short) summer break and a World Cup give professional football clubs a small window to concentrate on off-field issues. One of the big issues that we are working with top clubs on is their cyber security. Modern football clubs are effectively global entertainment, retail...

01 June 2018

Drones and Autonomous Vehicle Security

Whether you call them unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), remotely piloted aircraft system (RPAS) or just 'drones', the use of the technology is growing at the same rapid pace as its complexity and scale.

23 May 2018

Resilient skies: Aviation security

Digital Transformation

From equipment suppliers through to airport management systems: the aviation industry is undergoing a sector-wide digital transformation. The migration to new interconnected technology platforms is changing the way aircraft connect to ground-based support systems, as well as how the next generation of air traffic control systems guide them through airspace.

15 May 2018

Resilient journeys: Part 1

By James Hunt, Senior Cyber Security Manager at PwC The transport industry is experiencing disruption from a range of digitalisation and automation technologies, with some sub-sectors transforming more rapidly than others. The industry as a whole, faces two imperatives; be confident in the digital transformation of their enterprise and ensure...

27 April 2018

Myth Busting: Women in Cyber Security

By Katy Buller, Cyber Security, Data Privacy and Social Media Governance at PwC For a number of years now, there has been a lot of talk around the gender gap of women working in STEM roles. Being a woman working in cyber security, I wanted to write a reflective piece...

23 April 2018

Cyber security is an art, not a science

By James Hampshire, Senior Manager - Cyber Security I’m James Hampshire, a Senior Manager in PwC’s cyber security team, and I work with clients across the UK to help them address their big cyber security challenges. As a cyber security professional with a non-technical degree (actually, two if you ask:...

15 March 2018

Signal the ATT&CK: Part 1

By Paul Bottomley, Endpoint Threat Detection and Response Lead, and Wietze Beukema, Endpoint Threat Detection and Response Analyst at PwC Building a real-time threat detection capability with Tanium that focuses on documented adversarial techniques I’m Paul, one of the Cyber Threat Operations team at PwC, and I lead our Endpoint...