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Confident or concerned? Inside the mind of today’s industry CEO

Author: Robert Swaak, Vice Chairman, Clients and Markets In my experience, there’s one important question that continually preys on the minds of CEOs, regardless of their organisation or sector: Are things about to get better or worse? It is always hard to predict the future since a single event in...


Breaking and bettering tradition: a fresh approach to reporting in a challenging era

Author: Richard G. Sexton, Vice Chairman, Global Assurance CEOs want to communicate better. And they want to communicate very different things and more things too. It seems like a tall order when some sceptics say that companies aren’t yet getting their core communication – the financial report – right. PwC’s...


What successful business leaders need to do in the face of change

Author: Robert Swaak, Vice Chairman, Clients and Markets I’m just back from Davos and have had a chance to reflect on what I heard out there. Time and again, the business leaders I met spoke about the complexity of the business environment facing their companies. Add to that increasing worries...